#ResearchResponds: Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research

#ResearchResponds: Medical Research Group of Central Florida

Jill Harkavy-Friedman, VP of Research, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Dr. Harkavy-Friedman is pioneer in suicide research. She leads the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s growing research grant program. Join us as we talk about suicide research and policy, how to approach someone with feeling of suicide and how we need to rethink suicidal ideation and clinical research.

Linda Stalters, CEO of Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA.org)

Meet the phenomenal Linda Stalters and hear about how SARDAA is working to have schizophrenia reclassified as a neurodevelopmental neurodegenerative brain illness, as opposed to a behavioral mental health issue, and Linda’s commitment to care parity for schizophrenia.

Tom Starling, EdD, CEO of Mental Health America MidSouth and Chairman of the National MHA Board of Directors

Luke Kramer, The STARR Coalition’s Executive Director, sat down with Tom Starling to learn more about MHA’s B4Stage4 philosophy and Tom’s take moving the needle forward toward overcoming stigma, increasing awareness, and care parity for mental health .

Meet Shishuka Malhotra, MD, Founder & Medical Director, Neuro-Behavioral Clinical Research: Helping to find a cure and promote research as an option for mental health disorders

Luke Kramer, Executive Director of The STARR Coalition, sat down with Dr. Shishuka Malhotra to talk about how she got into clinical research and why treating mental health issues is particularly important to her.

Matthew Shapiro, NAMI NY: Setting the bar for mental health advocacy

Luke Kramer, Executive Director of The STARR Coalition sat down with Matthew Shapiro, the Associate Director, Public Affairs of NAMI-NYS. Matthew talks about his personal experience with mental health disorders and how that drives his commitment to help others.

Brad Martins, PhD talks Neuroimaging and more

Lorenza Lewis, The CONFESS Project

The STARR Coalition sat down with Lorenzo Lewis, Founder and CEO of The CONFESS Project. Lorenzo talks about the challenges of mental health stigma in communities of color as well as ways his organization is opening doors previously closed.

Tony Moore opens up about his mental illness and research

Tony Moore has been living with schizophrenia since he was 18. It was almost 20 years later before he saught treatment for paranoid schizophrenia. Tony shares stories about his life, his illness, and the time he spent in clinical trials.