The STARR Auditory Hallucination Simulation

The Auditory Hallucination Simulation (AHS) is a powerful exercise that simulates what it is like to have auditory hallucinations. It was created to help promote understanding and empathy for those experiencing mental health disorders.

Exercise Debrief Discussion and Survey

After the experience, it is common to feel anxiety, confusion, frustration, or exhaustion.

Please take a few minutes to identify exactly how you are both physically and emotionally, then answer the following questions:

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It is nearly impossible to comprehend continually living with auditory hallucinations.

These auditory hallucinations may have been distracting or even a little scary, but you went into the experience knowing that it was a short exercise — you could take off your headphones any time. You knew it would stop.

You also knew that the voices that you were hearing were not real.

Imagine not being able to take the headphones off — hearing voices around you, being intrusive, negative, mean, and disorienting. For someone with schizophrenia, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the voices and reality – they say your coffee is poisoned and you believe it.




If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please contact us.  We would be happy to work with you to include the AHS into your training program or curriculum.

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The STARR Auditory Hallucination Simulation (AHS) program was created and is wholly owned by The STARR Coalition, a nonprofit organization working with thought-leaders throughout the research industry and advocacy to find ways to reduce stigma associated with mental health disorders and build relationships between clinical research sites and the advocacy groups within their community.

Thank you for participating in this exercise!

We hope this experience has given you more insight and empathy for the individuals that you are working so hard to help. Thank you so much.

What those who have experienced the AHS have said…

“I never understood what my son has been going through for the last 20 years. I cannot imagine having to live with voices. This changes everything.” – Mother of child living with schizophrenia

“Eight minutes in this simulation helped me understand more about mental illness than years of studying about it.” – Student

“This will change how I work with people from now on. I will have more patience and understanding. This was powerful.” – Mental Health Professional

“I always thought when people were hearing things was because they were using drugs. I can see how people can have trouble following commands and I’m sure their anxiety about police can make things even more difficult.” – Pine Bluff Police Department Office