• Have all staff review the Certification Manual.
  • Volunteer a combined 40 hours each year for mental health advocacy or local nonprofit organization in need (participate in a NAMI Walk or volunteer at a community kitchen, etc.).
  • Complete a Community Assessment to identify site and community assets as well as areas of opportunity.
  • Participate in a workgroup with other STARR stakeholders.
  • Implement and actively use STARR 911 at your site.
  • Staff working on mental disorder studies complete the Auditory Hallucination Simulation.
  • When Project RockSTARR is implemented for a specific trial, all necessary staff is trained on use and benefits of Project RockSTARR.
  • Sign and abide by the Diversity Pledge.

The STARR Coalition will work with you and your local advocacy organizations to help open lines of communication and facilitate your site’s relationship with the advocacy organization and the community.

All criteria is to be met for annual re-certification.