• Site volunteered a combined 40 hours in the last calendar year for mental health advocacy or local nonprofit organization in need (for example, five staff volunteer eight hours each at a fundraiser each year).
  • Site completed Community and Advocacy Assessment to identify site and community assets as well as areas of opportunity.
  • Site signed up to work on one workgroup with other STARR stakeholders.
  • Implemented and actively using STARR 911 at your site. Completed use and effectiveness survey on STARR 911.
  • All participating staff working within CNS disorders completed Auditory Hallucination Simulation. Copies of Certificate of Completion for each staff submitted to The STARR.
  • When Project RockSTARR is implemented for a specific trial, all necessary staff was trained to follow guidelines of Project RockSTARR.

The STARR Coalition will work with you and your local advocacy organizations to help open lines of communication and facilitate your site’s relationship with the advocacy organization and the community.

All necessary documentation is to be completed for annual re-certification.