The STARR Coalition relies on its stakeholders to identify needs within clinical research and advocacy, collaborate with fellow thought-leaders, and find innovative solutions to complex issues. Join a workgroup and be a part of meaningful change.


One of the core tenets of The STARR Coalition is active participation from stakeholders. Stakeholders are encouraged to bring potential or existing challenges facing research and advocacy to the Coalition. Workgroups are formed around topics of relevance and interest to the stakeholders. With The STARR Coalition being a unbiased, neutral entity, a safe space is created for multiple sponsors, sites, advocates, etc. to work as a collective entity with open dialogue and shared solutions.

Coalition members have worked to discuss the following topics:

    • Diversity and Cultural Competency
    • Language
    • Clinical Site Community Engagement
    • Community Education
    • Research in Higher Education
    • Research Parity
    • Media Relations
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Stigma Reduction


If any staff members are interested in joining an existing workgroup, or if you identify a golden thread running throughout research, treatment or advocacy which needs to be addressed, contact The STARR Coalition for assistance. Discussing best practices and progressive ideas can potentially result in industry changing solutions.