RockSTARR Research Site List

Sites participating in Project RockSTARR as part of Otsuka/Click 345-201-00002 study

Welcome to Project RockSTARR! First, thank you for being a hero. Your participation in research gives hope to countless individuals living with depression.

We want to celebrate you by donating to a local mental health advocacy organization in your area. Please click on the research site below where you will be participating. There you will find information on local advocacy organizations where you or your loved ones can find support and education. Soon you will have the opportunity to choose one of them to have a donation sent in your honor.

Thank you for being a part of this important research! Your participation in Project RockSTARR will not affect your compensation in any way.

ActivMed Practices & Research is a woman-owned, multi-specialty independent clinical research site with 4 locations in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. We conduct studies in the areas of Neurology, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Pain, Nutraceuticals, Vaccines, Medical Devices, and more. We are also Virtual Trial Capable.

Click HERE for ActivMed’s local advocacy organizations.

Altea Research, founded in 2012 by Jelena Kunovac, M.D., M.S., conducts Phase II to IV studies, focusing on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorders. Dr. Kunovac, along with Associate Medical Director Mustafa Rawaf, D.O.. are passionate about working in under-served communities and indigent populations in and around Las Vegas, Nevada.

Click HERE for Altea Research’s local advocacy organizations.

Artemis Institute for Clinical Research was established in 2008 by a group of colleagues with extensive clinical research experience, who shared a commitment to developing a more thoughtful and professional approach to conducting clinical trials. Artemis was founded on the core purpose of prioritizing patients, advancing medicine, and improving the world.

Click HERE for Artemis’ local advocacy organizations.

Boston Clinical Trials (BCT) is a leading, independent medical research center located in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston, MA, with a state-of-the-art 6,000 sq ft facility. Our clinical research team has conducted hundreds of studies across numerous therapeutic areas including, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Sexual Dysfunction, and Urology.

Click HERE for BCT’s local advocacy organizations.

California Neuroscience Research (CNR) was founded in Sherman Oaks, California in late 2002 by Dr. Thomas Shiovitz. CNR specializes in partnerships with pharmaceutical sponsors to enhance clinical trial design and execution. Safe and ethical treatment of patients and the production of organized, high-quality data are paramount.

Click HERE for CNR’s local advocacy organizations.

Center for Emotional Fitness (CFEF) is a comprehensive mental-health treatment center.  We offer psychiatric and psychological services that include medication management, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, family counseling, group therapy, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We also conduct research studies that evaluate new psychiatric medications, which can provide a cost-free alternative to traditional psychiatric care.

Click HERE for Center for Emotional Fitness’ local advocacy organizations.

Chicago Research Center is a trusted clinical research center dedicated to the advancement of medicine and treatments. We specialize in phase I-IV clinical trials for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our devoted team of board-certified physicians and psychologists, experienced coordinators, licensed clinicians, research and medical assistants, and registered sleep technicians have participated in more than a 750 clinical trials of various indications.

Click HERE for Chicago Research Center’s local advocacy organizations.

Collaborative Neuroscience Network (CNS), founded in 2000, has grown to become one of the largest clinical research providers in the country, and the largest in Southern California. CNS operates three outpatient clinics located in Southern California (Garden Grove, Long Beach and Torrance) as well as a dedicated Phase I Unit and a JCAHO-accredited Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) centrally located in the greater Los Angeles area.

Click HERE for CNS’ local advocacy organizations.

Core Clinical Research, located in Everett, Washington,  is a local, independently-owned, clinical research center specializing in conditions pertaining to the central nervous system. At Core Clinical Research we are proud to be psychiatrist owned and operated. Our dedicated research staff works together to provide high-quality comprehensive care. Our compassionate and understanding doctors and coordinators take pride in paying close attention to each patient’s needs.

Click HERE for Core Clinical’s local advocacy organizations

CT Clinical Research has extensive experience conducting clinical research studies over the past 25 years in both neuropsychiatric and metabolic disease states. We are conveniently located at the convergence of three major highways, and treat patients from all over Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Our founder and principal investigator, C. Brendan Montano M.D., practices Internal Medicine and Psychiatry on site, and has conducted more than 80 clinical trials over the past two decades.

Click HERE for CT Clinical Research’s local advocacy organizations

Donald J. Garcia Jr. MD PA is now called Austin Clinical Trial Partners. the rebranding of our research services team as Austin Clinical Trial Partners to reflect the work we do beyond Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Our clinical trials work helps advance both knowledge of the origins and treatments for mental health and neurological conditions. Dr. Garcia, who still runs the practice, has been a licensed physician and board certified psychiatrist for over twenty five years. He is known for his comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment, taking biological, psychological, social and cultural details into account as he gets to know his patients.

Click HERE for Austin Clinical’s local advocacy organizations

Duke University Medical Center is focused on leveraging the vast research resources at Duke University and facilitating collaborations that provide or enhance the infrastructure, education and resources needed to take promising ideas from concept, through development and testing, and into patient care. A part of the Duke University School of Medicine, the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is the largest academic clinical research organization in the world. The DCRI has conducted studies at more than 37,000 sites in 65 countries, enrolled more than 1.2 million people into clinical trials and produced more than 10,000 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Click HERE for Duke’s local advocacy organizations

Excell Research is a clinical research facility dedicated to improving the lives of patients through the advancement of safe and effective medication therapies. Founded over 15 years ago, Excell Research partners with major pharmaceutical sponsors to conduct clinical research trials for new medications and treatments primarily in the areas of psychiatry; Alzheimer’s Disease and memory loss; women’s health; and other central nervous system conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia.

Click HERE for Excell’s local advocacy organizations

Finger Lakes Clinical Research (FLCR), a clinical research facility in Rochester, NY, operates under the direction of Dr. Sarah Atkinsonand Dr Peter Deane. FLCR conducts clinical studies specializing in central nervous system (CNS) trials. These clinical trials encompass a broad range of illnesses including anxiety disorders, ADHD, major depression, bipolar (manic/depressive) illness and schizophrenia. In addition, we have conducted peripheral neuropathy (pain) studies and cancer pain trials.

Click HERE for FLCR’s local advocacy organizations.

Florida Behavioral Medicine is a group practice established since 2002. We specialize in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry and all types of Behavioral health issues.

We have a team of Board certified Physicians and Therapists providing the highest level of care. Our team of Physicians also conducts Research including trial of future Medications for different psychiatric illnesses. We provide both inpatient and outpatient care.

Click HERE for Florida Behavioral Medicine’s local advocacy organizations.

FutureSearch Trials conducts clinical research studies in the areas of Psychiatry and Neurology. Our trials are overseen by the FDA and conform to their standards of good clinical practice. These research studies allow us, along with our research participants, to help advance the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a number of medical disorders. We offer clinical research studies in both Austin and Dallas.

Click HERE for Future Search Trials’ local advocacy organizations.

Scranton Medical Institute, part of Global Medical Institute (GMI) is an Investigative Research Company which conducts Phase I-IV human clinical trials for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry through our network of wholly-owned and affiliated clinical research facilities. Each facility offers specialized care across a broad spectrum of therapeutic indications enrolling patients of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our clinicians are all board certified within their area of expertise and are currently enrolling patients from their own private practice populations and the GMI clinical trial patient database.

Click HERE for GMI’s local advocacy organizations.

Hassman Research Institute (HRI) is a leading clinical research organization that conducts both inpatient and outpatient Phase I-IV clinical trials in a wide variety of CNS, Healthy, and medical therapeutic areas. HRI’s highly trained and experienced staff, including four board certified clinical investigators, are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of quality results in the trials they conduct.

Click HERE for HRI’s local advocacy organizations.

Innovative Clinical Research is part of Segal Trials, a privately held network of five research sites throughout South Florida conducting Phase I-IV research trials with a primary emphasis on psychiatry, neurology, addiction, insomnia, general medicine, healthy volunteers, infectious diseases, vaccines, and women’s health. Staying true to its core values of quality, customer service, advocacy and patient care, the Segal Trials team of over 110 professionals remain agile and competitive, expanding and growing based on the needs of its sponsors and its patients. is a network of research sites comprised of numerous physicians and offices throughout South Florida and South Carolina conducting Phase I-IV research trials.

Click HERE for Innovative Clinical Research’s local advocacy organizations.

Insight Clinical Trials was established 12 years ago by Elisa Poggi, MSW/LSW. She saw a need for more treatment options for patients with neurological disorders and mental illnesses. Mark Stillman M.D. accepted the position as Principal Investigator at Insight Clinical Trials in 2020. Together they have created a welcoming, encouraging environment for patients and families to learn more about their diseases and what options are available, turning Insight Clinical Trials into one of the leading independent research institutes in Northeast Ohio.

Click HERE for Insight Clinical Trial’s local advocacy organizations.

International Research Associates, LLC (INTRA) is a clinical research company founded in 2004. With the help of thousands of volunteers, we have successfully conducted hundreds of studies that have made available new and better treatments for this, and future generations.

Click HERE for INTRA’s local advocacy organizations.

Interventional Psychiatry of Tampa Bay has over 12 years of experience treating complicated mood disorders and provide second opinions and consultation services for patients who seek further clarification of their diagnosis or want to consider different treatment options. Interventional psychiatry is a growing field within psychiatry that utilizes treatments other than traditional oral medications and psychotherapy. When preformed in addition to standard care, interventional treatments can enhance overall mental health while often reducing the need for medications, as well as, leading to symptomatic improvement sooner than with medications alone.

Click HERE for Interventional Psychiatry of Tampa Bay’s local advocacy organizations.

IPS Research Company was founded in 1996 by Dr. Louise Thurman with a focus on integrity, people and service, IPS has become a leader in innovative research practices across the United States. In partnership with our patients and pharmaceutical clients, we achieve the finest clinical trial performance by collecting better data through better clinical practice. Together we serve a greater need for the world while making an impact at the individual level.

Click HERE for IPS Research’s local advocacy organizations.

iResearch Savannah is a multi-specialty clinical research center, located in Savannah, Georgia. We offer a beautiful, comfortable environment for our study volunteers, patients and caregivers. We are dedicated to making a difference in our local and global community through the study of new medications for mental health and medical illnesses affecting our community.

Built by dedicated, experienced research professionals; our core team has extensive experience in pharmaceutical and medical device research. Committed to improving the quality of life for individuals in our area, we offer expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Click HERE for iResearch Savannah’s local advocacy organizations.

The Lehigh Center for Clinical Research opened its doors in 2001. Since then we have grown into the largest independently run research facility in the Lehigh Valley. We credit this success to our highly trained staff of doctors, nurses and study coordinators who believe that the health and well-being of our patients is of the utmost importance, while we obtain quality data.

At the Lehigh Center for Clinical Research we understand you have made the decision to be a part of our study team for many reasons and expect a pleasurable study experience. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Click HERE for Lehigh Center’s local advocacy organizations.

MCB Clinical Research Centers is dedicated to providing high quality clinical trials in the Colorado Springs area with access to a community of over 500,000 residents, including multiple Universities and Military Bases. Our doctors and staff are dedicated research specialists that have a combined 130+ years of clinical research experience. We specialize in Phase I – IV trials covering multiple therapeutic indications, including healthy volunteers. Our 8,000 square foot research facility offers wifi accessibility, and a large screen television in the volunteer lounge and waiting room.

Click HERE for MCB’s local advocacy organizations.

Medical Research Group of Central Florida specializes in psychiatric and mental behavior clinical trials and brings trusted clinical trial experience to Orlando-area locations in Orange City and Sanford. Our Certified Principal Investigator, Dr. Adly Thebaud, brings more than 25 years of medical expertise and more than 13 years of trial experience to our community-based, independently-owned clinical research center.

Click HERE for Medical Research Group of Central Florida’s local advocacy organizations.

Monroe Biomedical Research is a dedicated outpatient clinical research center committed to the development of novel therapies for chronic diseases. We offer patients the opportunity to participate in cutting edge clinical studies. Our top priority is the health, safety, and comfort of our study volunteers.

Click HERE for Monroe Biomedical Research’s local advocacy organizations.

Mountain View Clinical Research‘s mission is to provide the highest quality of data, promoting the growth and development of pharmaceutical research, while simultaneously never compromising the care, confidentiality and compassion of our patient volunteers. At Mountain View Clinical Research, we work with esteemed physicians within the community as well as multiple pharmaceutical companies. Our staff is small allowing us the ability to develop a personal relationship with individuals that are eager to seek the latest advances in drug development.  Our combined experience allows us the opportunity to study a vast array of therapeutic areas.

Click HERE for Mountain View’s local advocacy organizations.

Neurobehavioral Medicine Group is comprised of an experienced team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and research staff. Our staff of professionals provides a full range of psychological services to children, adolescents and adults. They specialize in treating a multitude of mental health disorders. Our clinic also provides a broad range of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), couples therapy and group therapy for a variety of age ranges.

Click HERE for NBMG’s local advocacy organizations.

The Center for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health is located in the Neurological Institute at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Our faculty and staff include regional and national leaders in the study and care of adolescents and adults with anxiety, depressive and bipolar disorders, early onset psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, alcohol and substance abuse problems, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In addition to delivering the highest quality clinical care and advancing knowledge in the field, we are committed to educating and training the next generation of clinicians and scientists.

Click HERE for Ohio State’s local advocacy organizations.

Pacific Clinical Research Medical Group is an internationally recognized leader in clinical trial research. We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies in the research and development of medications to help provide new treatments. Our experienced, knowledgeable team of medical professionals has treated thousands of patients in Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. We are experts in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, bipolar disorder and other mental health disorders. Headquartered in Upland, California, the company’s team stands ready to help patients struggling to find new cures for their ailments.

Click HERE for Pacific Clinical Research’s local advocacy organizations.

Pacific Research Partners, an affiliate of CNS Research, is a leading clinical research center in Northern California. The site has highly qualified and experienced Investigators with many years of experience providing services to the Bay Area community. Pacific Research Partners conducts outpatient studies in the areas of psychiatry, pain, internal medicine, and more. With innovative recruitment methods and a convenient location in a large, diverse population center, Pacific Research Partners consistently meets enrollment goals. The site has been a top tier enroller on a majority of studies conducted.

Click HERE for Pacific Research Partners’ local advocacy organizations.

The Patient Priority Clinical Sites name says it all – our priority is our patients. Yes, we specialize in operating clinical trials for the world’s leading drug manufacturers, but we focus on our patients first and foremost. We make their experience as pleasant and helpful as possible. We work hard to make certain that each patient is guided towards a proper study. And when someone simply doesn’t belong in a study at all, we are not afraid to say so. Because patient well-being is our priority.

Click HERE for Patient Priority Clinical Sites’ local advocacy organizations.

Pharmsite Research is committed to the conduct of high quality research and timely study enrollment. Pharmasite offers a research-dedicated office suite, easily accessible to Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Baltimore’s Penn Station, and only minutes from Baltimore’s beltway, I-695.  To date, Pharmasite Research has conducted over 70 clinical trials of treatments for psychiatric illness.

Click HERE for Pharmsite’s local advocacy organizations.

PsychCare Consultants Research a premier private psychiatric group practice with 4 locations serving the St. Louis metro area, founded and led by Azfar M. Malik, MD, MBA.

Click HERE for PsychCare’s local advocacy organizations.

Psychiatric Behavioral Solutions (PB-Solutions) is a private psychiatric practice in Salt Lake City, Utah, led by Dr. Frederick Reimherr.

Click HERE for Psychiatric Behavioral Solutions local advocacy organizations.

ProScience Research Group, a research facility in Culver City, CA, has a dedicated research staff with over 20 years of experience with the mental health community. ProScience provides the highest quality of research data while ensuring patient safety.  In doing this, we will contribute to the advancement of medicine to improve the quality of life for all who would benefit from new and/or improved therapies.

Click HERE for ProScience Research Group’s local advocacy organizations.

Research Strategies of Memphis (RSM) is an independent research site working towards a goal of better understanding and treating psychiatric disorders by helping bring additional pharmaceutical products to market for both patients and professionals. RSM is located in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee with a close proximity to all local inpatient psychiatric hospitals and mental health professionals. Our site is also very accessible to our volunteer patients who enjoy a location that is staffed with knowledgeable and friendly staff. All Research Strategies of Memphis employees have a passion for serving individuals with psychiatric disorders and have all worked together in other capacities prior to the inception of Research Strategies of Memphis.

Click HERE for RSM’s local advocacy organizations.

At the Sunrise Research Institute, our sole focus is on clinical research with our top priority, a commitment to patient care. Our investigators understand the importance of unparalleled service and exceptional performance. Participants and sponsors alike have grown accustomed to our expansive portfolio of capabilities through technology, data management and healthcare expertise. We are committed to continually improving and reinventing research and seamlessly integrating healthcare delivery into our participants’ lives. We pride ourselves in our end-to-end drug development approach.

Click HERE for Sunrise Research Institute’s local advocacy organizations

Richard H Weisler MD PA and his associates are committed to providing the best possible psychiatric care for adults. Our team of psychiatrists has a wide range of experience in adult psychiatric disorders. Areas of clinical emphasis include bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depression, anxiety disorders, Alzheimer’s, memory, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We provide psychiatric consultations, psychopharmacological treatment, and individual psychiatric therapy associated with all of these disorders.

Click HERE for Richard H. Weisler’s local advocacy organizations.

Sarkis Clinical Trials is a private, clinical research facility located in the heart of North Central Florida. We conduct numerous FDA-supervised investigational medical studies in the hopes of assisting with the approval of new treatment options. Children, adolescents, and adults who are affected with mental and medical illnesses can benefit from research conducted by Sarkis Clinical Trials.

Click HERE for Sarkis Clinical Trial’s local advocacy organizations.

SPRI Clinical Trials is a highly experienced, independent, free-standing clinical research site located in Brooklyn, NY that collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry in their evaluation of medications that may eventually be used to treat a number of important health-related conditions. We are staffed by a team of highly experienced medical professionals who are committed to providing only the highest standards of medical care and strict adherence to clinical protocols.

Click HERE for SPRI’s local advocacy organizations.

SSM Health Dean Medical Group is one of the largest integrated health care delivery systems in the country. Our network consists of more than 60 clinics in south-central Wisconsin, SSM Health Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care, insurance provider Dean Health Plan, and pharmacy benefits company Navitus Health Solutions. Approximately 500 physicians provide primary, specialty and tertiary care in the clinics. The system serves more than 400,000 health plan members.

Click HERE for SSM’s local advocacy organizations.

SW Biomedical Research LLC is a private clinical research site that conducts psychiatric clinical trials in Tucson, Arizona.

Click HERE for SW Biomedical’s local advocacy organizations.

Synergy San Diego is a medical research facility located in Lemon Grove, California, where we have been conducting clinical research studies for over 18 years. Our team is dedicated to finding solutions to diseases and disorders that afflict millions of people around the world, including depression, diabetes, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s disorder. By participating in our medical research studies, you are helping to find a cure or realistic treatment for those suffering from debilitating mental and physical ailments.

Click HERE for Synergy’s local advocacy organizations.

Uptown Research Institute is a free-standing facility dedicated to the study and treatment of mental health disorders. For over fifteen years Uptown Research Institute (URI) has brought innovative treatment and compassionate care to residents of Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood and the greater Chicagoland community. URI has partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, along with innovative biotechnology start-ups, to help develop novel treatments for chronic mental health disorders. Through clinical trials research, we work to discover the safety and effectiveness of new and emerging treatments for psychiatric conditions. As a leader in clinical trials, we offer patients one-on-one consultations to assess and recommend research and treatment opportunities. Our primary obligation is patient safety and wellness, ensured through Good Clinical Practice.

Click HERE for Uptown’s local advocacy organizations.

Viking Clinical Research is a specialty-driven research organization in Temecula, CA, founded in November of 2002. Our highly trained, dedicated, and friendly research professionals have been involved in clinical trials since 1996 and conduct research for CNS illnesses ranging from general anxiety disorder to Alzheimer’s disease.

Click HERE for Viking’s local advocacy organizations.

The Woodstock Research Center has brought mental health clinical trials to Northern New England for over 20 years.  Studies offer participants unique opportunities to receive cutting edge treatments and be among the first to benefit from recent scientific progress. Participants can expect the highest quality compassion, care, and attention that is not available in a traditional medical practice.  Our commitment is to improve the lives of our patients through accurate diagnosis, patient education, and treatment of their disease. Studies are carefully designed to make the health and safety of every participant a top priority.  All of the center’s trials are conducted under the supervision of board certified psychiatrists and are subject to FDA monitoring and approval.

Click HERE for Woodstock’s local advocacy organizations.

WR-PRI Orange County is an internationally recognized research organization with expertise in pharmacological and multidisciplinary research. Our staff is experienced in the fields of psychiatry, cardiology, rheumatology, family practice, neurology, ophthalmology, gerontology, pharmacoeconomics and quality of life measures. A consultation at PRI gives you options, there is no cost to you and no insurance is required. Our goal is to provide a skillful personal evaluation resulting in professional recommendations; then, it’s up to you! You may decide that one of PRI’s research studies is a good opportunity for you to obtain confidential and no cost assistance.

Click HERE for PRI’s local advocacy organizations.

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