Certified Site Page Information

As part of your STARR Certification, you will have a personalized Advocacy Resources page on the STARR website.  This page is meant to be a resource for your patient volunteers and their families and caregivers, so we’d like to make sure that it is as comprehensive as possible.

Because your site’s Advocacy Resources page is going to include local advocacy and nonprofit organizations, this form should be completed for each site location.

The STARR Coalition will start the advocacy list with organizations from our database, but we’d like you to add any organizations with whom you work, as well.  This form can take as long as you’d like to invest in it.

Certified Site Information Form
This form is for the Certified Site Advocacy Resource page on the STARR website. Please include as much or as little information as you'd like.
Keep in mind that this page is meant for your patient volunteers and their families and caregivers.