How can we help you gain recognition among sponsors?

Sponsors and CROs recognize STARR Certified Sites as having expertise with mental illnesses.  Some sponsors and CROs have added “Are you STARR Certified?” to their site feasibility forms because they want to be reassured that site staff has all of the tools available to operate at peak performance, with respect to the people they serve and building credibility for clinical research. CRO’s are picking sites based on their inclusion on the STARR Certified Site list.

As a member of the STARR Coalition, you will join an actively engaged community where you have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with sponsors and CROs on projects that benefit all Sponsors and CROs are actively engaged with the STARR programs, workgroups, and initiatives.  The STARR Coalition provides the opportunity for leaders to collaborate on projects of common interest, whether it is on the Diversity Workgroup, the Advocacy Board, or the Volunteer Transition Workgroup.

As a member of the STARR Community, you will have access to sponsors’ advice and input.  The STARR Coalition has developed programs and best practices with the direct input of sponsors and CROs. When you incorporate these programs into your site operations, sponsors will recognize your commitment.


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