How can we help enhance staff satisfaction and retention?

Community engagement.  When sites adopt the STARR’s tenets throughout their organization, the staff gains a greater sense of purpose and job satisfaction through their awareness of the big picture — helping those with mental illnesses through research. Participating in NAMI Walks or any other volunteering with the community connects the staff with the community and each other and provides benefits far beyond those to the organization for whom they are volunteering.

Auditory Hallucination Simulation.  This empathy training provides staff with a better understanding of what it’s like to experience this relatively common mental health symptom. Empathy not only makes for better site staff, but data shows that clear understanding the bigger picture (finding a cure) helps improve staff morale.

As a member of the STARR Community, you will have access to tips and tools specifically designed to encourage staff satisfaction.  The STARR Coalition has developed a toolkit with input from our member sites on how to improve employee engagement and belonging, motivate employees to recognize, develop, and celebrate each other, and maintain healthy and happy staff. As part of the STARR Certification, staff mental health and job satisfaction is prioritized.


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