Our Mission:

To create meaningful change by increasing COMMUNICATION, PARTNERSHIPS, and GOODWILL among stakeholders in the areas of mental health clinical research, advocacy, and treatment with emphasis on community and advocacy engagement, stigma reduction, and ensuring that research is widely recognized as a trusted care option.

The STARR Coalition is yours. It is a forum for the leaders in mental health clinical research, advocacy, and treatment to work together to improve and support mental health research.

Medical research for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, ALS and many other illnesses is embraced by patients, advocacy and society.  The same can’t be said about mental health research.

Our stakeholders have identified one predominant challenge; stigma. Stigma associated with mental illness and stigma associated with mental health clinical research. The only way to overcome this obstacle is education and communication.

The STARR Coalition is a forum for the leaders in mental health clinical research, advocacy, and treatment to work together to build a better system of care. We are working to reduce stigma around mental health research and to build trust in research as a viable option in the healthcare ecosystem.

Great strides in symptom management have come from the brave individuals who have given of their time and bodies to further research in mental health. We need their continued commitment, as well as their support in advocating on behalf of research for better treatments.

Individuals living with mental illnesses and their caregivers are becoming more and more engaged in their own healthcare. They want to play a larger role in their treatment and in their future.


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