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At Alkermes, we are patient-inspired and we truly are inspired by the STARR community. Adversity doesn’t build character — it reveals it. And I’ve had more contacts, more phone calls, more interactions with the STARR during these periods of adversity, making sure that patients and our research subjects are making it through this pandemic and these interruptions as best as possible. It’s been a pleasure to work with the STARR team. — Adam Simmons, MPH, Director, Clinical Program Management, Alkermes



The training that the STARR Certification provided our team has made a huge impact.  All of our staff are now better equipped to handle challenging situations, and we know that when someone calls us in a mental health crisis, we can connect them directly to the help that they need.  This not only provides peace of mind to our team but also makes us a more effective community resource for those who may not know where to turn. — Nichole Gutierrez, BA, LPN, CCRC, ACRP-PM, Director of Operations, Pillar Clinical Research


At NAMI-NY, we were able to project our advocacy voice louder and clearer than ever before. And The STARR Coalition played a big part of that. Advocacy is not a solo enterprise, it’s a real collaborative art and to do it well, you need to have great people around you. And, for me, it starts with The STARR Coalition. — Matthew Shapiro, Associate Director, Public Affairs, National Alliance on Mental Illness-New York State (NAMI-NYS)


It is our honor and privilege to join The STARR Coalition and continuing the effort to advocate for the mental health community. The work we do each and every day is devoted to the promotion of, and wellness of all persons without prejudice, imaginary walls, or restrictions. We encourage every CRO, sponsor, and service provider to rise up, to meet the goals that The STARR Coalition has challenged all of us in the spirit of clinical trial mental health advocacy and diversity. — Alex Wise,


DBSA is really grateful to The STARR Coalition for ensuring that all the mental health stakeholders are at the table. This includes ensuring that the patient voice or the peer voice is included in the conversation. That’s fundamental to DBSA and who we are and we’re very proud of our team’s efforts as part of the STARR community, ensuring that people with lived experience and their needs continue to be part of clinical trials and research.  — Michael Pollock, CEO, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)


As we saw all that The STARR Coalition has to offer and the bandwidth of such a small organization, we saw the benefit of joining. They have already been so helpful to us in as far as establishing a patient-advocacy presence and working out who to partner with. On behalf of the company, I’m grateful to be part of the STARR Community. — Peter Weiden, Vice President, Medical at Karuna Therapeutics


At Segal Trials, one of our greatest honors is being  STARR Certified. Our certification reflects our commitment to our local community. We’ve proudly demonstrated our support of advocacy groups by participating in fundraisers, educational seminars, sponsorships and donating our time whenever needed.  We have adopted The STARR Coalition’s moral tenets throughout our organization. These values provide our research staff, no matter what the position or role, with a greater sense of purpose and job satisfaction as we bond together promoting clinical trial awareness. Throughout the pandemic, being STARR certified became even more meaningful as we leaned on each other for strength throughout these uncertain times. Our pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs recognize and appreciate our adherence to the STARR Coalition’s standards and best practices. We are grateful to be part of such a crucial movement in our industry. — Bonnie Segal, President, Segal Trials


What The STARR Coalition is doing with your National Call to Action [to Support Mental Health Research] is very important step in the right direction. Andrei Pikalov, Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs, Sunovion 


We are so honored to receive The STARR Coalition’s Advocate of the Year Award. It’s really been a privilege to be part of this Coalition and to learn from others in the STARR community. We’re very excited to expand our advocacy and research work and look forward to continuing to be part of The STARR Coalition! — Katie Cunningham, Chief External Affairs Officer at The Jed Foundation


It is so important that entire mental health field and research industry benefits from the advocacy and the work done by The STARR Coalition. We are immensely proud to be part of the STARR community and this amazing team, including CRO, sponsors, and consultants who are working tirelessly to stop stigma and improve mental health resources. – Shishuka Malhotra,CEO, Neurobehavioral Research


We at Alkermes truly appreciate The STARR Coalition. It makes our jobs really easy when there are groups like The STARR Coalition that are so invested in the patient and want to collaborate as well as you do. — Lesley White, Alkermes


I truly feel fortunate to be able to work alongside of The STARR Coalition and be part of this great community. — Kimberly King, Senior Manager, Mental Health Equity & External Partnerships, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, (DBSA)


My colleagues and I strongly believe in the aims and mission of The STARR Coalition. There’s nothing of this kind for mental health advocacy. I personally have been inspired by the STARR: after being recognized by The STARR Coalition for my mental health advocacy efforts, I started to raise more awareness internally and with our sponsors. I’ve been using the mission of the STARR to inform our patient-centricity discussions, really thinking about patients in the context of clinical trials. — Alex Wise,


For years, The STARR Coalition has been a great partner in the vital research for those living with brain disorders. The STARR Site Certification manual gives us a great foundation to help with education and support of both our staff and those participating in clinical research. One of the most powerful tools The STARR offers is the Auditory Hallucination Simulation. Staff have a much better understanding of what is happening in the minds of those we work with, and it has helped build empathy for our patients. Woodland Research looks forward to collaborating and participating with the STARR for years to come! — Woodland International Research


The STARR Coalition is a community of like-minded sites, sponsors, and advocates willing to work together to support the success of everyone within the community as well as mental health research in general.

Join The STARR Coalition and be part of the conversations happening with thought leaders from across the industry and advocacy to help create the change you want to see.

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