Advocacy Advisory & Consulting Services

The STARR Coalition provides unbiased, neutral advocacy advisory and consulting services to support your company’s advocacy objectives.

The mission of The STARR Coalition is to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships, and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of treatment, advocacy, and clinical research with emphasis on community and advocacy engagement, stigma reduction, and ensuring that clinical research is widely recognized as a trusted care option.  To this end, we have spent years cultivating relationships across the mental health advocacy ecosystem. This puts us in a position to help companies working on advocacy initiatives.

The basis of a good advocacy strategy includes developing active and open lines of communication to promote positive perceptions and an environment in which all parties benefit.

Whether the goal is to educate, influence, advise, or engage, developing a relationship of trust and mutual respect is crucial.  This is where The STARR Coalition comes in.

The STARR Coalition’s Advocacy Advisory and Consulting services include:

  • Helping develop and strengthen relationships with key advocacy groups.
  • Helping your team develop partnerships and collaborations within the mental health community supporting your company’s work.
  • Working with your team to develop innovative approaches to partnering with patient advocacy groups in relevant areas.
  • Contributing to the development of plans to support specified national patient advocacy organizations and assisting in the successful implementation.
  • Working closely with company and advocacy leadership to facilitate the sharing of best practices and foster an environment that minimizes ambiguity.
  • Staying current of new developments and ideas in the field of advocacy relations and communicates that to your company to incorporate into your programs.

Contact us to find out more and learn about how The STARR Coalition can help you.

The STARR Coalition has a broad network of advocates within patient and professional advocacy organizations and relationships with local, state, and national advocates.

Let us help you develop relationships of trust and mutual respect with the advocacy organizations you need to be successful.


If you would like to speak to us directly or schedule a call with your organization about The STARR Coalition’s Advocacy Advisory and Consulting services, please contact us anytime.

Luke Kramer
Executive Director

Erica Moore
Director of Operations