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STARR News: Site-to-Site Webinar, Mental Health Awareness Month 2020, News and Updates

April’s STARR News features updates on the STARR Site Certification program, information on the Site-to-Site Webinar, connecting with advocacy, and the STARR #ResearchResponds webpage.

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STARR News: Site Certification, COVID-19

March’s STARR News features updates on the STARR Site Certification program, COVID-19 outbreak information, updated Sponsors for the certification program, and the latest sites, podcasts, and survey question.

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Holiday Wishes from The STARR – 2019

Holiday Greetings 2019

Recap from CNS Summit 2019

Another amazing CNS Summit in the books for The STARR Coalition! Not only was the the STARR Silent Karaoke booth a huge hit, but on Saturday afternoon, leaders from across the research industry and advocacy met to attend The STARR Coalition Breakout Session. We discussed the STARR Site Certification and awarded innovative organizations and programs changing the conversation around cutting-edge CNS research.
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STARR News: Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Starr News: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Patrick Kennedy at the CNS Summit

The Honorable Patrick J Kennedy joined The STARR Coalition during the CNS Summit.  Read more about it!

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Save the Date

Please join us during the CNS Summit this year!

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