Our History

The STARR Coalition (Stakeholders in Treatment, Advocacy, Research and Recovery) was born out of early conversations from clinical research leaders and advocates on how to find new, progressive ways to truly place the volunteer subject at the heart of the process. How can we help support successful clinical trials while ensuring that the individuals participating in the trials receive the care and services they desire? How can we ensure research is a part of the continuum of options for everyone seeking help?

The STARR Coalition is a nonprofit, 501c3, privately funded for the first 5 years by the Board Chair, Carol Witham. The STARR is a true independent voice and works to bring together all stakeholders for the advancement of mental health research and advocacy and ultimately, to provide hope and cures to those living with mental health disorders.

Reach out if you have any questions — we would love to hear from you! erica@thestarr.org