Why Join The STARR Coalition?

The STARR Coalition is a community of like-minded sites, sponsors, and advocates willing to work together to support the success of everyone within the community as well as mental health research in general.

But why should YOU join the STARR Community?

We have years of experience building bridges within the community and are recognized as a trusted ally throughout the industry.


We will work for YOU, in YOUR area, for YOUR site and YOUR volunteers.


We bring a unique perspective to your group as we a neutral party and are in a position to hear the wants/needs of all sides.


We have strong relationships with individuals with various lived experiences and already have solid rapport with them.


We look to the INDIVIDUAL for insight and education, allowing for a unique learning opportunity.


We provide customizable, detail-oriented attention and will focus on key objectives to find best solutions to challenges.


We have functioning resources that will exemplify how research organizations care about the community you are serving.


The STARR Coalition’s focus and expertise is mental health research and advocacy. We have spent years developing a broad network of sites, sponsors, advocates within the mental health industry.  We invite you to join our community that is working together to develop and draw on a set of best practices within their organizations to advance mental health clinical research by:

  • cultivating community engagement;
  • promoting research as a trusted option for care;
  • strengthening communication between research site staff and patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups;

The STARR Coalition will assist your site in beginning the process of building a partnership with local nonprofits and advocacy organizations that serve those living with mental illness. It has been our experience that some local advocacy groups are reluctant to partner with clinical research for various reasons — mistrust of clinical research, past history when working with sites, or simply no desire to associate with research. The STARR Coalition will work to help sites become a part of the care continuum within the local community.  We will call upon national partners if needed to open the conversation at the local level.

We are working to educate advocates and nonprofits that serve individuals living with mental illnesses that clinical research is a viable and trustworthy option for care.

Be a part of The STARR Coalition. Join the conversations happening with thought leaders from across the industry and advocacy to help create the change you want to see.

Join our discussions by becoming a member.

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