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The STARR community is actively engaged in working together for everyone’s mutual benefit and the advancement of mental health research. The STARR Coalition has several workgroups that were created by the STARR community to address gaps or challenges in clinical research. As these gaps are identified by the STARR community, or when members find areas of common concern, a workgroup is initiated to develop solutions, responses, and methods to resolve the challenge.

STARR Diversity Workgroup – This workgroup is looking at cultural inclusion in research including finding ways to access underserved areas of our communities with research education, identifying cultural/ethnic/socio-economic barriers to research participation, ensuring sites are reflective of the communities they serve, and building pathways for more diversity in research leadership.

National Call to Action to Support Mental Health Research – This initiative was established in response to the need to build awareness and fight the stigma of mental health research and includes representatives from across the research industry and advocacy. The workgroup is focused on finding simple and actionable ways individuals and organizations could increase public awareness and support the advancement of mental health research.

Advocacy Board — The board meets monthly to discuss topics on advocating for individuals living with mental illness and research. We are continuing to add new members to our Advocacy Board. Objectives of the STARR Advocacy Board include (1) creating resources for STARR advocacy partners to connect with the mental health clinical research community, and be supportive of and advocate for research within their organizations; (2) providing a platform for the STARR community to connect with our advocacy partners.


Study Volunteer Transition Workgroup — This newly-formed workgroup is tasked with finding useful ways to aid study participants in their transition from the trial back to everyday life, ensuring that they continue their recovery journey. We are in the early stages of this workgroup and have been collecting insight from peer support groups, day treatment groups, and research sites on the benefits of including aftercare for individuals participating in and exiting clinical trials. We began this group after seeing the gap in participant care following a study and ultimately will include elements in the STARR Site Certification.

We are always thinking about site education and community engagement and we would love to work with your team on some creative new projects!

The STARR Coalition exists to create meaningful change by increasing COMMUNICATION, PARTNERSHIPS and GOODWILL among stakeholders in mental health clinical research, advocacy, and treatment, with an emphasis on promoting clinical research sites as a valued part of the community and research as trusted care option.

We accomplish this with the help of the STARR Workgroups.

As a member of
The STARR Coalition,
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become our action items.

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