Becoming a Corporate Member of The STARR Coalition puts you in excellent company and signals your commitment to the advancement of mental health research and ensuring that it is seen as a trusted and valued care option.

As part of the STARR Corporate Membership, your support helps to sustain the work we do on members’ behalf to improve mental health research, engage communities, and reach out to those within the mental health system in new and innovative ways.

Once you are a STARR Corporate Member, your interests and priorities become our action items. In addition to the regular Member benefits (below), we will work with you to determine how we can bring the most value to your organization. It could mean connecting you to our network of advocates and/or Research Ambassadors (individuals living with mental illnesses); it could mean drafting or posting articles with information on your company; or it could mean helping develop a patient-centered program that helps establish your company as a leader in patient advocacy.

Being a member of The STARR Coalition provides you with access to The STARR resources, as well as to a community of like-minded professionals.  But the real reason to become a member is to support The STARR’s efforts to advance mental health clinical research by:

  • cultivating community engagement;
  • promoting mental health clinical research as a care option for those living with mental health conditions;
  • strengthening communication between research site staff and patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups;
  • standardizing best practices around communication, empathy, and suicide prevention, to name a few;
  • reducing the stigma around mental health clinical research and rebuilding trust in mental health clinical research within advocacy and the mental health community.

The STARR Corporate Members are the leaders in Mental Health Clinical Research.

Many of our Corporate Members have been instrumental in developing the STARR’s mission and priorities, as well as many of the programs we have helped implement across the mental health ecosystem.  We are grateful for their dedication and continued collaboration with The STARR’s community and to mental health research.  Members’ input into the STARR Site Certification program, Project RockSTARR, and STARR911, just to name a few items, has had tremendous impact on the entire mental health research ecosystem.

Corporate membership is renewed annually and starts at $50,000.  This funding helps sustain the efforts of The STARR as well as provides member organizations with continued support and access to The STARR community, and to national, state, and local advocacy organizations, advocacy leaders and patient spokespeople, and recommendations, resources, and advice on mental health advocacy and community care topics.

Corporate Member benefits include:

  • Guiding input into The STARR’s programs and initiatives;
  • Recognition on The STARR website and materials as a Corporate Member;
  • Organization highlighted in external communications (ex: website, newsletters, initiative and resource materials, etc.);
  • Prioritized access to The STARR team and resources;
  • Prioritized access to The STARR community and network;
  • Opportunities to participate in STARR panel discussions at conferences, webinars, and calls;
  • Warm introductions and assistance in connecting with local, state, and national advocacy and provider organizations;
  • Organizational access to webinars, newsletters, and other educational resources created by stakeholders from The STARR;
  • Organizational access to STARR 911, a suicide prevention program targeting inbound callers, screening calls, and research volunteers;
  • Vendor/Company STARR Certification fee is waived;
  • A seat at the table with broad array of stakeholders across the industry and advocacy.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a STARR Corporate Member!

Erica Moore
Director of Operations

Corporate Members Include:


As a member of
The STARR Coalition,
your interests and priorities
become our action items.

The STARR Coalition is a forum for the leaders in mental health clinical research, treatment, and advocacy to come together and create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships, and goodwill among stakeholders with an emphasis on community and advocacy engagement, stigma reduction, and ensuring that those living with mental health / neurological disorders have access to and receive the best treatment available.