The under-representation of racial and ethnic minorities is a well-documented issue that affects clinical trials around the world. According to US Census data, African American individuals represent 13.4% of the population, yet the FDA reports show that only 5% of clinical trial participants come from this demographic. The disparity is greater for those of Hispanic or Latino heritage, with this group representing almost one fifth (18.1%) of the population yet only 1% of trial participants.

There is a history of inequity in healthcare for communities of color. These experiences have led to lasting mistrust and impact how communities of color approach health care. This mistrust, combined with social and economic barriers, is amplified when it comes to clinical trials.

Commitment to diversity requires each of us to take an active role in promoting, supporting, and encouraging diversity throughout the research industry. With that in mind, STARR stakeholders have created a Diversity Measures Survey (must be Certified to access), a collection of Diversity Resources specific to clinical research, and a Diversity Pledge.

Diversity Pledge

As part of my commitment to diversity in clinical trials, I pledge to do the following: