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The STARR Coalition exists to create meaningful change by increasing communication, partnerships and goodwill among stakeholders in the areas of mental health treatment, advocacy, and clinical research, with an emphasis on promoting clinical research sites as a valued part of the community and trusted treatment option.

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The STARR Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our Tax ID # is 47-4634007.
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Your donation will help The STARR Coalition continue to establish and champion important programs like these:

STARR 911:

Suicide completion rates have surged to a 30-year high. In the US alone, over 121 individuals complete suicide on a daily basis, with many more going unreported. STARR 911 is a simple process that, when implemented at sites and call centers, will save lives.

Project RockSTARR:

Building relationships between those volunteering to participate in clinical research trials, local advocacy organizations, and clinical research sites is beneficial to all of those involved and offers both immediate and long-term returns. With Project RockSTARR, Sponsors set the donation amount; screened study participants select the advocacy group for the donation; the research site staff deliver the checks to local advocates. Win-win-win.

Community Engagement:

We all know that successful community engagement will raise a site’s profile within the community, while educating the public on the benefits of clinical research. Sites that are engaging with the community and building trusting relationships within local advocacy branches are likely to have better relationships with the patients, higher staff morale and job satisfaction, lower staff turn-over, and overall more successful trials. That’s why The STARR Coalition has created a simple Community and Advocacy Assessment to identify community assets and areas of opportunity. We’re happy to work with sites to complete the Assessment and provide tools to engage with the community.