Diversity and Cultural Competency Workgroup

Workgroup Objective: Identify cultural barriers to research participation and develop culturally-appropriate activities to overcome those barriers.

Workgroup Mandate: Support Diversity in Clinical Research

Workgroup Chair: Temitope Keyes, Clinical Trial Technology Lead, Cmed Clinical Services

Workgroup Sponsor: The STARR Coalition

Purpose: To create and provide educational and support tools for clinical research sites across the nation with the purpose of better engaging diverse communities in the areas they serve.

Description: Leaders across the research industry and advocacy will work to research, design and develop the following:

  • Tools to assist research sites to better work within diverse communities;
  • Best practices guidance document;
  • Cultural Tenets: exploration of broad range of tenets, including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic, geographical, religious preferences;
  • Research how diversity influences effective clinical research.

Objective: Educate diverse communities on clinical research to build trust with our communities on the safety and efficacy around clinical research.

Specifications: Leaders from across the research industry and advocacy will met once a month to discuss project needs, ideas and scope of work. An online platform will be used to share information, communicate between monthly meetings and serve as a central hub to formulate deliverables. Workgroup participants are encouraged to share information with peers and organizations to solicit feedback and suggestions for the workgroup.

Other Possible Deliverables:

  1. Develop guidelines and/or SOP’s on cultural barriers and practical ways to overcome those barriers and engage each group in a culturally-thoughtful way.
  2. Multimedia presentation on “What is Cultural Competency?”
  3. Define timetables and measurable objectives for research site training.

Project Risks:

  • Language
  • Sensitivity of subject matter
  • Ensuring all voices are heard and respected

Milestones and Timelines: TBA