The STARR Coalition
The STARR Coalition
Roselyn Coe, Family Caregiver

In honor of National Family Caregiver Appreciation Month, Mallory speaks with Roselyn Coe, a certified mental health aide and family caregiver, for November’s Spotlight Podcast.

This month’s episode provides a glance into the life of a caregiver to a son living with paranoid schizophrenia. Roselyn grew up taking care of her Uncle, who was brain-damaged as a child and needed constant care and support. This background prepared her for later in life, when Roselyn’s own son was diagnosed first with ADHD, then bipolar disorder, then finally paranoid schizophrenia.

At a time when very little information was available for a family caregiver struggling with multiple diagnoses, changing medications, and pervasive stigma and lack of understanding of mental illness, Roselyn found support in her church, respite at the movie theater, and revitalization through walking. Now, Roselyn also finds an empathetic and understanding community in a Facebook group of other mothers of children living with schizophrenia.

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