2023 STARR Site of the Year: North Texas Clinical Trials (NTXCT)

With patient engagement and community involvement more important than ever, one site has integrated it into their core values. North Texas Clinical Trials (NTXCT), nestled in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, has been named the STARR Site of the Year, a recognition that celebrates their unwavering commitment to patient care and community engagement.

NTXCT, an independent clinical research site, has distinguished itself through its team’s dedication to their patients and the local community. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure their patients feel valued and cared for, something that has not gone unnoticed. The fact that patients feel ‘spoiled’ by the NTXCT team is a testament to the site’s patient-first approach.

Engagement doesn’t stop at the clinic’s doors; NTXCT is deeply involved in the local community, hosting monthly events that many of us have had the pleasure of reading about in the STARR newsletter. Their dedication to the STARR Certification process is equally commendable. From participating in STARR 911 training to conducting the Auditory Hallucination Simulation empathy exercise, NTXCT has embraced every opportunity to enhance their team’s understanding and empathy towards the patients’ experiences.

Two standout initiatives have been their utilization of the STARR-provided community resources list to create informative posters for their lobby, ensuring that valuable information is accessible to all who visit. Also, their active participation in the Research Ambassadors program has fostered long-term relationships with their patients, empowering them to be active partners in their healthcare journey and the broader mission of discovering new treatments.

Jessica Anderson, the NTXCT Site Director, accepted the STARR Site of the Year award on behalf of her team. “One of top priorities this year was to actively engage with the community and the STARR is a big part of that”, said Jessica in her award acceptance speech. She continued, “our team’s collective efforts have truly made a difference in the lives of our patients and the local community.”

Congratulations to the entire team at North Texas Clinical Trials for your dedication to your patients, outstanding contributions to your community, and exemplary member of the STARR community! Your efforts are not only advancing medical science but are also making a profound difference in the lives of many. ❤